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Pan European First Line Support and Spare Parts Management

“Interoute owns and operates one of the most advanced networks in Europe. We needed a partner who understood different technologies, a partner who could be responsive to our needs and customize solutions to address the challenges of operating a 21st century network. Indigo-Belcom ticks all these boxes.” Phil Martin, VP Regional and Network Services Engineering

About Interoute
Interoute is Europe’s largest, fastest and most advanced fibre optic network. Completed in 2002, today this network forms a massive platform connecting around 250 data centres and co-location facilities across Europe, and interconnecting America, Africa and Asia.

Interoute provides Connectivity, Communications and Computing services to a wide range of customers from ambitious start-ups, national and international enterprises, global telecommunication and mobile operators, OTT and internet giants, system integrators, channel partners to governments.

Our challenge
Interoute required a services partner who had the requisite multi-vendor skills and experience across a wide geographical footprint to provide best in class optical/IP engineering support.

Interoute sought a seamless delivery mechanism that included a complete inventory and spares management solution that worked hand in hand with its existing dispatch and fault rectification processes.

Our solution
Having worked with Interoute since 2002, Indigo-Belcom understood the challenges faced by Interoute in addressing not just building a scalable network but one that took full advantage of the rapid advancements in optical technology.

Indigo-Belcom customized its managed service offerings to incorporate the latest call management software to support its field activities but also worked closely with Interoute to develop a resilient spare parts management solution that complimented the wider support service.

Today, Indigo-Belcom is proud to support Interoute across the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and the Benelux regions, also Hong Kong, Dubai, and the USA, offering a full suite of engineering services from Multi Vendor deployment services to 24/7/365 field support, CPE installations and inventory and spares management from 25 strategically located depots across the world.

The outcome
Interoute have been able to realise significant reductions to their operational and commercial overheads by having a “one-stop shop” solution across large parts of their network.
If you are interested in the advantages working with Indigo-Belcom can offer, please contact us.


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