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Indigo-Belcom’s Unified Communications solution unites telephony, video, data and personalised messaging services in one framework, giving employees a complete view of their communications so they can manage their responsibilities and time more effectively.

Indigo-Belcom’s collaboration solutions enable geographically dispersed teams to view, share and comment on the ideas underpinning your product or service. With audio, web and video conferencing, our solutions provide a fully integrated rich-media environment that harnesses collective intelligence effectively, and in real time.

Indigo-Belcom’s conferencing solutions enable workers to meet with colleagues, partners, customers or clients using phone, PC or video conferencing equipment. Our solutions range from informal meeting support to formal scheduled events and mass communications with a one-to-many lecture format over a number of networks.

Indigo-Belcom’s desktop integration enables businesses to group multiple communication systems into a manageable, user-centric communications suite. By integrating the latest communications tools into your existing infrastructure (whether Microsoft, IBM or others), users can access all of their telephony, instant messaging, conferencing and collaboration tools through a single desktop interface.

With business in all sectors becoming increasingly dynamic and driven by the expectations of users and customers respectively, the need to provide 24×7 availability and to dynamically adapt the environment to user and customer needs is critical. Indigo-Belcom’s 24×7 Network Operations Centre (NOC), is at the heart of our solution to ensure we meet these challenges.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Improve employee productivity by making it easier for staff to work together
  • Facilitate rapid and effective decision-making by enabling employees to share knowledge and expertise
  • Simplify and enhance business processes and facilitate fast decision-making within your team
  • Increase mobile workers’ efficiency and independence by enabling them to access information via any device and conduct business anywhere
  • Boost customer satisfaction by allowing clients to reach your employees quickly and easily
  • 24 x 7 Network Management solutions ensuring network and application performance and availability via Indigo-Belcom’s Network Operations Centre.

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